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A solution is now being developed where invoiced amounts can be availed to you straight after an invoice has been sent. A solution that provides vital financial leeway. The solution will become available for all our integrations during the fall of 2020.

Money in the bank before an invoice is paid

In order to help our clients during the important payment phase, we’ve chosen to think bigger. We’d like payment to be frictionless, both for the creditor and the debtor. This way we can both provide liquidity and maintain good relations for our clients. That’s why we’re now offering financing, so that your invoiced amount can be available before your invoice is paid.

Related services

Together with payment monitoring, we offer debt collection and financing solutions. Something that will give you the full Equity experience. Payment should be frictionless!

Let’s talk about it

We look forward to being able to provide financing via all our integrations. In the meantime, why not touch base and let’s discuss our invoice financing?

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