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Debt Collection - Equity

When following up on unpaid invoices, one has traditionally had a tense relationship towards debt collection. At Equity the transition is seamless.

Seamless transition

Solid, professional handling of debt collection

By signing a collaboration agreement with Equity you gain free access to the market’s best debt collection solutions. As a full-range supplier of payment monitoring and debt collection services, we offer a very high level of solutions as well as favorable conditions. If we don’t solve the case for you, we’ll actually lose money. We only make money by resolved cases. You get a dedicated advisor to deal with, who also works to resolve your cases. It’s no longer enough for a debt-collection agency to only collect money that’s owed to you. At Equity we perform the task in a professional manner, so that we protect your reputation and take care of your clients. Equity’s debt-collection services ensure you get paid and help contribute towards your client continuing to pay. Equity advisors have long experience in the debt collection industry and, as authorized licensees, we guarantee a solid and professional handling of the creditor’s debt collection assignments.

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Together with debt collection, we offer payment monitoring and financing solutions. Something that will give you the full Equity experience. Payment should be frictionless!

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